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Ebony Park has a range of Friesian clothing to choose from.

Order from our range of clothing below, or purchase an Ebony Park voucher!

Adult Friesian Hoodies Ebony Park Black and Gold Polos

Kids Friesian T-Shirts (Available in 3 Colours) Kids Hoodies (Available in 3 Colours)

Friesian Gift Vouchers:

We also have gift vouchers which can be made specifically for Friesian lessons or Experiences, or can be for the whole Ebony Park gift store!If you would like to purchase an Ebony Park gift voucher, click on the image below to contact us about arranging one, or email us at for your Friesian gift voucher, or call 0413 284 981 if you are in Australia.

  Vouchers with numbers
If there is something friesian that you would like to see in the store, please let us know by contacting

Happy shopping!! 🙂