Week Beginning 4th December 2017

We have finally reached December which means there is only 16 days left in the super special Christmas Silent Auction!!

We have now extended the auction all the way to the 22nd December so put your bid in now as we will accept any reasonable offer and you never know what we will do to ensure your dreams become reality…

We even have the beautiful imported Ster Friesian mare Famke Meyke for sale!

***She will be bred in 1 week so claim her now if you want her as a riding horse!***

This lovely, cuddle seeking mare has been used as a beginner and confidence boosting schoolmaster for the last few years but it is time for a new home to enjoy her lovely temperament and beautiful offspring!

Inquire today to find out if she is your dream horse!

Amazing work from Caroline riding our lovely schoolmaster Famke!!! Your riding has come so far and we are so excited you have now found your dream horse to take your learnings home to!!

“Thank you Georgia for another brilliant lesson! Your patience and persistence with me is amazing!!” – Caroline

Warrior of Ebony Park is a magnificent purebred B-Book1 colt with the whole package. Cuddly, impressive, expressive movement and quality breeding, he has the makings to be a top notch Australian Friesian stallion!

By the magnificent purebred Friesian stallion, Ebony Park Jorrit, he has inherited his sire’s ground covering movement, expression and confidence. His dam, Loes of Ebony Park is a gorgeous 16.1hh mare who just loves to please and has inherited her sire Ebony Park Elko’s amazing movement and her dam Ebony Park Jantje’s sweet temperament.

Born September 25th 2015, we have watched him mature into a gorgeous young man with confidence and expression in his movement. We can’t wait to see how far he goes, he will make a beautiful addition to a home looking for a dressage Friesian or breeding stallion! 

We anticipate him to mature around 16.2hh however his dam’s sire is 17.1hh and he shows signs of being a handsome big man. 

CLICK HERE to check out his page on our website – he is part of our Christmas Silent Auction, so if this gorgeous boy is your dream horse, fill in the form on his page on the website to place your bid!

We are having a Christmas silent Auction!!

See if we have your dream Friesian in our catalogue by clicking on the Christmas image or by CLICKING HERE!!

Check out the two magnificent 3yr old colts Renegade of Ebony Park and Spartacus of Ebony Park as they now lead the life of movie stars with appearances in TV shows with their owners and pull carriages through Melbourne for weddings, funerals and events!

Read below to find out what else they have been getting up to:

“Spartacus and Renegade are fantastic. They have amazing temperaments and are very trainable. They just want to be your friend and they run to greet you at the gate! They are now both broken into harness and saddle and they are coming along nicely. We are soon going to start liberty training with them and will be teaching them to lay down, rear etc. We have been using them for weddings, funerals, they have recently made an appearance on a tv show we have just worked on called Picnic at Hanging rock which should air next year and Spartacus also did a theatre performance for the Melbourne Art Centre. They are just amazing!” – Jaime, Unique Carriage Hire

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