Ebony Park is proud to offer 4 coaches of different abilities and specialities for lessons on our schoolmasters, or on your own horse.

Natasha Website Natasha Althoff

Natasha Althoff is the founder of Ebony Park. Bringing her dream to life of riding a big black horse, she was the first Australian dressage rider to bring a Friesian to Grand Prix in dressage. She started Ebony Park as a dressage Friesian stud, and has now expanded into warmbloods, both in breeding and in training.

Natasha takes her methods from many different riders and trainers that she models, and through her NLP training has moulded this into her own riding and training method.

She is available to a select few dressage clients looking to achieve their dressage goals.


Gabbi Choong

Gabbi is a NCAS Lv 1 coach and the firs accredited Equilates instructor in Australia.

She has trained under Natasha for 7 years and frequently travels abroad to develop her riding and coaching skills further.

She is available for lessons on our schoolmasters or your own horse, and is perfect for those of you who want to improve your confidence, theory of horse movement and dressage development.


11898822_873841939331585_6011162446201785402_n Georgia Hackett

Georgia is our eventer who has competed up to Preliminary in the eventing world.

She is also our Stable manager and Beginner Specialist so takes many of the first lessons to assess which coach and/or horse would suit you to further your dressage training. 


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We have many programs and options to help advance your dressage within the IID.




With our start up lessons we can help you assess where you are with your riding, which coach and if you are looking for lessons on our schoolmasters, which horse will be suitable to further your Dressage Education!

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Accelerate your dressage journey with our accelerator packages. In this package you will  set goals for the year, quarter, month and week so you know what you are working on each week in your 1hr riding/goal sessions and what you need to focus on.

Dressage Progress Package (1 of 1)-2 (2)


The Dressage Mastery Package includes twelve 60minute lessons as well as a hard copy of Dressage Mastery Academy and a progress plan to ensure maximum Dressage Education and Advancement.



Make PROGRESS in your dressage journey with our International Institute A-Team.  Join us in Private, group or both training sessions which include a 45minute lesson and ride a test at your level to assess and build on which is guaranteed to show you test score improvement.

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Perhaps you are looking for a lesson with some of your friends! Group lessons are run on Wednesdays and  Saturdays starting at 10:00am for 1hr and up to 5 other riders.

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Click here to view our up and coming clinics or to inquire about hosting one with us!

Lessons are given by one of our experienced coaches, all of which are trained by Natasha.

I cannot wait to come back to Ebony Park and to continue my riding journey at home as well 🙂 🙂 

It has always been my dream to ride a Friesian stallion and having a foal by Jorrit I wanted to take the experience – I never thought I would have the chance!

I just want to say thankyou to the whole team at Ebony Park (but especially Loes and Jorrit!) for the amazing experience I had during my lesson at Ebony Park. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would get to sit on a Friesian stallion, let alone be able to trot and canter, and learn so much that I can translate to my own horses and riding in the process.

I never knew I could learn so much in the one lesson – keep seat down and back… keep contact, outside rein and half halts on inside rein… don’t tip forward, stay back and let him take you… my favourite part was the successful canter! I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! 🙂

Loes was so positive and encouraging, and able to explain things in a way that was easy to understand which gave me confidence. I will definitely be booking in as many lessons as I possibly can!! 🙂

You really did make a dream come true for me, I am a nervous rider and have never believed that I could get anywhere with my riding though I had fantasies of doing dressage, now I am inspired to make that happen, however long it takes. I had an amazing lesson on Jorrit (though his movement was incredible I never once felt unsafe or like I imagined I would feel on a stallion!) and I will never forget it, nor will I hesitate to return once I’ve had a chance to practice everything Loes was trying to drum into me while I found muscles I never knew existed!

I now cannot wait for my 2yo partbred by Jorrit to be ready to be broken in so we can begin our journey together – I have time to prepare and to continue learning and improving so that we can be the best we can be! Thankyou for the opportunity to meet my baby’s sire and even get to experience his three wonderful paces – and develop a new respect for riders who can harness them!!

I would recommend lessons at Ebony Park for anyone wanting to improve their riding and experience riding a Friesian!

Thankyou again, so very much for making this possible, I cannot wait to come back to Ebony Park and to continue my riding journey at home as well 🙂 🙂

Kellie Mitchell

“I nagged mum to bring me to a lesson at Ebony Park, as I was desperate to improve my riding! I loved my lesson with Kate – it was really fantastic, and I want to make it a regular thing.

The biggest things I learnt in my lesson were that position is so important, especially in the transitions, and that you need to work really hard to get the results – if you don’t get it right the first time, that’s ok – you can just keep on trying until you get it right!

I would recommend a lesson at Ebony Park to people who want to go someone that has quality horses offered for lessons, and people who are wanting to go forward in their riding – this is the place to come!!”

Alexandra Kastellorizios

“I have had lessons at Ebony Park before, but this was my first one with Kate Richmond, and I felt very welcomed and comfortable.

I love riding the Friesians, and first found out about Ebony Park through my darling cousin Kate Langdon… and I will absolutely be booking in more lessons in the future! 

The most important things that I learnt today were to lengthen my legs, and to wrap down by turning my toes inward, to always ask for connection – I love how easy the canter aid is on Tambo!

Kate has a lovely nature when teaching, and has the ability to pick up on subtle movements to either praise a good movement, or correct one that isn’t working.

I would recommend lessons at Ebony Park to friends who want to ride well educated horses and learn from well educated instructors.”

Eliza Langdon

“By following Natasha’s riding, I found out about Ebony Park and looked up their website… and I knew I had to have a lesson on one of their beautiful Friesians. I was lucky enough to ride one of their stallions, and I loved having the chance to learn from an experienced rider who has worked to achieve her goals rather than being handed everything on a plate.

I learned that the contact needs to start with forward and round, you need to be scarier and stronger then the horse. My favourite part was getting the chance to ride Abe!! When Natasha makes it to the olympics, I can say I got to ride that horse at Ebony Park! 🙂

The clear instruction given, which is good for any rider, really helped me feel confident and capable and get the best out of my riding.

I would recommend lessons at Ebony Park to any dressage rider or Friesian lover – there is such a great positive attitude and connection with the horse and rider… if you want to move forward and acheive results, this is the best environment to do that in!!”

Danielle Brandon