Coaching & Training

Here at Ebony Park we offer lessons at our new home, the International Institute of Dressage. We are all about training the horse and rider to work together as a team, so whether you are wanting more training for yourself, for your horse, or for you and your horse together, we have something that will suit you!

Grand Prix dressage rider and head rider and trainer here at Ebony Park, Natasha Althoff, is available for select lessons, otherwise her team of 4 that train under and with her are more than capable of assisting you in achieving your riding goals.

Our coaches are available to give a variety of lessons – dressage, pony dressage or dressage fitness, we have the right coach for you!

All of our coaches are available for:

Lessons on your own horse
Lessons on our trained schoolmasters
Lunge lessons


To find our more about our lessons and trainers, click here.