Breeding your own foal is a very exciting time for you!

At Ebony Park our mission is to assist you in EVERY way to make breeding the most enjoyable, easiest and carefree experience. Whether you have never bred a horse before or you are an experienced horse breeder we are here to answer every question you have and provide you with the best service we can.

Breeding your own friesian can be a daunting task as you need to determine for yourself what the horse will be used for. This will help with your decision on whether you should use a stallion with a breeding permit, or a friesian which is successful in the competition arena, depending on the kind of friesian you are looking to breed.

Ebony Park can help you with advice on the which kind of Friesian would suit your needs, as well as which stallion would suit your mare as they are all different in body shape and movement

Ebony Park has two beautiful, unique stallions, which are available for the 2016 breeding season. They are different in shape, height and personality, but both share the beauty of the friesian horse and have loving, friendly natures.

All our breedings come with a live foal guarantee. As the stallions are competition horses first, Ebony Park does not do live cover to eliminate the chance of injury to our stallions and your mare. Ebony Park can offer chilled semen for export to any part of Australia. We also offer for mares to come to the property if you would prefer us to take the pressure out of getting your mare in foal. We will safely get your mare in foal with our skilled team and you can bring your mare home again when her pregnancy test comes back positive.

Now it is even easier to breed with Ebony Park! At Ebony Park our job is to make your lives easy – so if it suits your lifestyle better to pay off your service fee rather than paying it in a lump sum – we are happy to help!

Ebony Park is committed to making breeding easy, effortless and straightforward for all mare owners. This is due to our dedication to making breeding a happy, easy time for you, where ultimately your mare comes out the other side pregnant!

“My other two mares will be going to Ebony Park this spring – apart from having proven performance stallions, Ebony Park are very easy to deal with and work with”

4 years ago I imported a mare from Holland – I had her inseminated over there, so she had a foal here in Australia. After I had weaned the foal and started her under saddle, I decided to breed with her again.

Whilst I was riding her I noticed that over spring and summer she never came into season and was lovely to ride any time of any month….but come autumn and winter she would cycle very strongly and come into season, and be an absolute pain to ride!

I spoke to many vets about this and they all assured me that it was not possible (for her to be cycling in the wrong half of the year) and they could get her in foal, in the Australian season.

So after two wasted breeding seasons and many, many $$$$$$ later I still did not have a foal.

So last December I asked Natasha if I could bring Lineke up to hang out with her stallions to see if she would come into season….she didn’t 🙁

They had their vet look at her to confirm she was not even ovulating!

So I took Lineke back to Ebony Park in late April, even though the stallions had stopped work for the season, and were busy competing – it was no problem to them at all. We inseminated her once, with a positive result.

Apart from Lineke having 5 star treatment, Kate and Natasha always kept me in the picture with everything no matter how small. They also listened to me and believed me about Lineke having cycles that were not normal.

My other two mares will be going to Ebony Park this spring – apart from having proven performance stallions, Ebony Park are very easy to deal with and work with.

Well Done Natasha and Kate 🙂

 Sue van Sprang and Lineke

Breeding Season 2009/2010

“What a terrific experience – with an awesome result!”

In November 2012 I took my Elko mare to Ebony Park to be bred with the ever impressive Abe.
She was a maiden mare, and also my dream girl. I had not been apart from her since I got her as a little foal and I was nervous for her.

I would just like to say that I did not need to be – she had the best experience there. She hung out with all the Stallions, she was in the hub of the place and could see everything going on, she was rugged and fed daily, and I was free to visit whenever I wanted. I felt the girls at Ebony Park looked after my baby girl as if she was their own, and I would like to say a big thank you for that. I also felt that they understood my connection to my mare and they supported this greatly. It is not just business to these girls, it’s a genuine passion for horses and the people that own them.

And if that was not enough – she became pregnant FIRST time around! I was thrilled to pieces. I received constant updates on her progress which reassured me constantly. I loved having someone to be excited with me, someone to share it with, the entire experience was so fantastic I have referred all of my friends. I have been a long time fan of Ebony Park, I have referred many clients to them specifically for their exceptional manner and regard. They are very approachable and easy going, I conducted some business with Natasha in the “outside board room – aka the Foal Paddock”, complete with foals jumping around and interrupting for cuddles, it was very relaxed and enjoyable.

I honestly believe their bi-line – making your dreams a reality – as they have mine. Thank you again to all of the girls there, I will see you all again soon!

Simone Taylor

Breeding Season 2012/2013

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“We are only too happy to recommend Ebony Park to any breeder seeking not only good quality stallions with good quality semen, but great service too!”

Silhouette Friesians strive to breed their mares not only to the best stallions available, but also to those stallions who will improve on, and compliment their mares to ensure the resultant offspring are given the very best start.

Dealing with Ebony Park has been so easy, and made a very stressful time of year (for both Ebony Park and Silhouette Friesians!) a pleasure.  Extra collections were no problem, interstate shipping was not a drama and the semen arrived in excellent condition, despite the fact it had been over 24 hours from collection to insemination.

On examination under the microscope, we are very pleased to confirm that the doses of Jorrit semen we received had over 80% motile sperm – which is a fantastic result given the time elapsed!

And as for the all important question – yes, it worked!

We are only too happy to recommend Ebony Park to any breeder seeking not only good quality stallions with good quality semen, but great service too!

Michaela Wake – Silhouette Friesians

Breeding Season 2009

“You are both so helpful and answer any of my dumb questions, I feel like I know you personally.”

Thanks Natasha and Kate for all your help with our breeding program between my horse Violet and your Jorrit.

I am really glad I spoke to The Australian Fresian Society and then saw your advert in Horse Deals, both prompted me to give you a call.

We are really new to this and Violet’s baby will be our first home birth foal.

Even though I work at a Warmblood Stud and have seen and worked with many foals it is not the same when you do it yourself.

You are both so helpful and answer any of my dumb questions, I feel like I know you personally.

Your ability to be able to pay off the service fee has really helped us with our cashflow and your tips and newsletters are also great.

Thanks again for all your help and for putting up with my questions, looking forward to receiving a healthy baby in January.

Jayne Barton

Breeding Season 2010

I have always admired the Ebony Park stallions, and after deciding to breed my mare last year, I was finally able to meet Zeus – he was so gorgeous and calm he seemed like an ideal match for my mare. The girls were all very helpful and instructive – the initial breeding was very straightforward with my mare in foal the first go! It was great having lets of help and info on the journey through regular emails and newsletters too! Poppy – our lovely Zeus foal – is a dream come true, from her size and shape to her lovely temperament – we could not have asked for more! We are so pleased with the outcome we will be coming back to Ebony Park for a repeat breeding this year. In doing so we know we will not only have a stunning foal to look forward to, but help and assistance along the way.

— Rebecca Russell (Zeus 2011 breeding season)