Hi 🙂 Welcome home to Ebony Park – we are so glad you dropped by!

My name is Natasha Althoff and I am the founder and CEO of Ebony Park. Before I go into the boring stuff, I want to talk about why we do what we do. Why does Ebony Park exist? Well – Ebony Park was founded on a dream of a little girl. Me. This was a dream of riding and owning a black stallion with a long mane and tail. I always said I would ride black horses every day – and now I do. I am lucky enough to live my dream every day. And it’s great! So now I want to give back. I want others to live their dream. I believe nothing should stand in the way of what you want if you really want it. I believe there is always a way, there is always a better way, and I will always find a better way.

This philosophy is how we run our business.

We thrive on challenge, feedback and being the best. Not for us but for you, so we can give you the best expereince possible. Here our mission statement is not just words on a piece of paper, we live and breathe it every day.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to turn your horse dreams into reality. The Ebony Park team is committed, resourceful, passionate and successful – and committed to assisting themselves & others to live their dreams. We work within our ten points of culture because it serves as a blueprint for creating the life we want for ourselves & our clients.

We believe our clients success is our success

We believe when we assist our clients in having their dreams come true, so do ours.

We believe there is an abundance of opportunity for everyone who is willing to see it.

We are in the business of assisting our clients to live their dreams. To achieve this we provide horses impeccably bred and cared for so it can go onto fulfill its full potential with its new owner. We are constantly pushing ourselves to be the best. Have the best stallions with the best performances, breeding to the best mares creating the best foals. Our training, care and knowledge is CANI – Constant and never ending improvement.

Our horses, care and training are of the highest quality and offer maximum value for money.

Vision Statement

To provide a service and experience like none ever experienced. We will do more than expected and give uncompromising care and service. We give our clients the opportunity to live their dream and own their dream horse. We develop relationships with our clients so everyone becomes life long friends.

Our Company Values

Values EP

Our Company Manifesto

Manifesto EP