Achievements, Awards and Accreditations

Here at Ebony Park we have:

  • Competed and won at Grand Prix level (including CDI and Kur) with scores of over 63.9% in 2012 and 2013 with Ebony Park Abe
  • Natasha took the First Friesian in Australasia to Grand Prix Level dressage, Ebony Park Abe
  • Won at Intermediate II level with scores over 59.9% with Ebony Park Abe
  • Competed at Intermediate I level with scores over 63.5% with Ebony Park Abe
  • Qualify and compete in Dressage with the Stars 2010 with Abe scoring 60.789% in the PSG and qualifying for the Intermediate 1 Kur scoring 62.917% (11th Overall)
  • Competed at Prix St George level with scores over 62% with Ebony Park Abe
  • Qualify and compete at the Australian National Dressage Championships in the Advanced freestyle with Abe (5th Place with 65.083%)
  • Win at advanced level Abe (over 64%)
  • Advanced Champion at Westernport Dressage Club 2009 with Ebony Park Abe
  • Advanced Champion at Peppercorn Equestrian centre in 2003 with The Carrock Tambo
  • Win at medium level with Abe (over 66%)
  • Qualify and compete at Australian National Dressage Championships Elementary level withAbe(6th overall)
  • Won at elementary level with Abe (over 70%)
  • Elementary Champion at South Eastern Dressage Club 2006
  • Qualified and came 6th at the Australian National Dressage Championships at Elementary level
  • Won at novice level with Abe (over 71%)
  • Novice Champion at Whittlesea Dressage Club 2006
  • Novice Champion at Westernport Dressage Club 2006
  • Novice Champion at Western Victorian Dressage Club 2009
  • Won at preliminary level with Elko (over 72%)
  • Preliminary Champion at South Eastern Dressage Club 2006
  • Won with a Friesian mare Gjanna at novice level (over 69%)
  • Qualified and came 6th at Victorian State Championships in Preliminary in 2008
  • Competed at the Australian Young Rider Dressage Championships in 2002
  • Competed at the Victorian Dressage Championships in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008 – 2014
  • Compete with a Friesian Mare Gjanna at elementary level (over 66%)
  • Winner of the 2006 Keuring Champion Senior Friesian with Famke
  • Highest scoring IBOP test in the 2009 Keuring with Jorrit with 81 points

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  • Royal Melbourne Show
  • National Dressage Championships
  • Saddleworld Dressage Festival
  • Ezine Articles
  • Mitavite Dressage Expo

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